The Ventian in Las Vegas is a wonderfu surreal spot to base locations on.

I have a problem with description, for some reason I’m like a blind woman when it comes to the first draft of my story. In my writing group they call it “White Room Syndrome”. Everyone is standing in a white room talking to one another. That’s bad, but since I am aware of it I’ve found a way to address it. Pictures! I do a Google image search for whatever it is I am looking for and go to town! Yup, I pick someone or someplace, just any photo that is close to what I am writing about and I’ve got my description. That way the little details, like moles or scars…broken windows or dented doors…the wrinkle between the brows…the broken walkway… is there in vivid lurid description. So, what do you do to help with description? Let us know! And thanks for reading!

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