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Yes. I said it. Who cares? If you are like me, you often review some piece of writerly drivel, a bad book, a stupid facebook update, or any number of comments on a political blog, and you think to yourself, “Snicker236, why do you even talk? No one cares about your opinion anyway.” Then, you go about your day, happy as any clam until you start to think, “Wait a second, someone probably thinks that about me.”

Then, if you are still anything like me, you spiral. Down. Very, very, fast. Let’s face it, if there is no point in commenting because no one cares about my opinion, then who is going to care if I finish that book about old ladies? Who is going to care if I publish anything? Ever? It’s not like I’m working on the next school must read or great social commentary. So, even if I do finish it, who cares?

Well, I struggled with this question all last night trying to think of my weekly blog post, and here’s your answer. Drumroll please.

Who cares who cares? If you are writing to change someone else’s life, then you are writing for a moving target. You have to write for yourself (yes, if you want to make any money, you will eventually have to find an audience and publisher, etc, but roll with me for a moment.) You have to write for yourself because only then can you lend your writing voice to the worldly chorus. We need the noise of the masses clamoring out their thoughts and ideas in the clickety-clicks of keyboard strokes. We need contradicting opinions, bad novels, and stories that cross so many genres we should just create another genre. We need this cacophony because if it wasn’t there, we would drown in the silence. Our ideas and stories are meant to be heard, maybe not by the masses you dream of, but someone, somewhere cares.

I care.

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