A little motivation.

I make no comments about quality in the following, just quantity.  This is the list of the top 10 best earning authors from June 2009-June 2010 according to Forbes Magazine:

  1. James Patterson: $70,000,000
  2. Stephanie Meyer: $40,000,000
  3. Stephen King: $34,000,000
  4. Danielle Steele: $32,000,000
  5. Ken Follett: $20,000,000
  6. Dean Koontz: $18,000,000
  7. Janet Evanovich: $16,000,000
  8. John Grisham: $15,000,000
  9. Nicholas Sparks: $14,000,000
  10. J. K. Rowling: $10,000,000

Now.  Everyone working on a manuscript (myself included) GO FINISH IT!


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