Goal is sometimes the 4-letter word of writing. Dropping the g-bomb on me during my bad days can break me.

“Have you met your goal for today?” Can be the single worst phrase in the world.

BUT………………..goals are worthwhile. Not just daily goals, (although they can be the touchstone that keep you in direct contact with your writing) but the life goals as well!

At the end of the day, what would make you happy? Rowling-like success? King-like volume? Asimov-like endurance?


Or would you settle for something a little less? You know, mid-list writers fill a necessary niche. Without them what would the book stores be filled with?

Would you be willing to settle for a small but loyal group of fans that keeps you and your agent comfortable?

Think about it.

Fame does not necessarily indicate success…

Write on,


About the author

NRBrown N.R. Brown is a part-time author, full-time book junkie. She particularly loves horror and dark fantasy. She is the co-host of Unleaded - Fuel for Writers and a member of the Hellebore Writing Group and the Cat Vacuuming Society of Northern Virginia writers group, as well as of the Chessie Chapter of Sisters in Crime.