While looking for submission targets for some short stories, I hit three interesting anthologies that are tempting me and I thought might tempt others.  In deadline order:

2013: The Aftermath.  From the website: “We’ve all heard the theories about what is supposed to happen in 2012. But if disaster strikes and there are survivors, what will happen to them in 2013? We’re looking for post-apocalyptic stories (science fiction/fantasy/horror) that take place in 2013 or later, based on a theory (any theory) of cataclysmic changes or destruction that occur in 2012.”
What they don’t seem to want: Zombies
Deadline: November 5, 2010
Length: 500-20,000
Pay: $0.0025/word (that’s not a typo, one quarter of one penny per word.  I said “interesting” not “lucrative”), discount copies.

Historical Lovecraft.  From the website: “Historical fiction with a Lovecraftian twist. Stories should be set in a variety of places, cultures and time periods…Please note that for our purposes we consider historical anything up to 1937 (the year of Lovecraft’s death). Please, no stories in contemporary settings where the hero flashes back to the past or finds a convenient diary/letter set in the past. It’s an extra layer of onion we don’t want to peel. If the meat of the story is in 4th century China, then take us to 4th century China without having to detour into New York 2010.” (Their emphasis)
What they don’t seem to want: 1920s New England
Deadline: January 3, 2011
Length: 1000-10000 words
Pay: CA$0.01/word, CA$50 max.  One physical copy, one ebook copy.

The Mothman Files: From the website: “I am looking for fictional mothman stories. The setting is not limited to West Virginia or any other regional area known as mothman territory. I want tales with a solid plot and good character development. Stories should grab the reader’s attention quickly and hold it until the end. I want powerful and emotional tales that are creepy, chilling, disturbing, and moody.”
What they don’t seem to want: Bunnyman stories.  Probably.
Deadline: July 1, 2011
Length: Up to 3000 words
Pay: $0.05/word on publication, contributor’s copy.

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