Today I have a bit of blogger’s block about what to talk about.  So I do what I usually do when that happens: I go trolling for new markets.  And, in light of Renee’s post from earlier in the week, I decided to stick with anthologies.

Queered Visions of Steampunk:  From the website:  “Searching for steampunk stories that have a queered twist. The stories should have at least one glbt main character and/or theme to it.”
What they don’t seem to want: Page numbers.  Go figure.
Deadline: March 15, 2011
Length: 3000-7000 words
Payment: Penny a word.

ePocaylpse: From the website: “The ePocalypse will feature apocalyptic collaborative stories told/narrated exclusively through e-mail. Each story MUST have 2 or more collaborating authors. All e-mails must take place as the world as we know it is ending… earthquakes, floods, virus/disease, meteors, aliens, etc.”
What they don’t seem to want: Zombies
Deadline: To be set when anthology half full.
Length: 2000-10000 words
Payment: None by default, though three entries will get lump payment prizes and one contributor will get a free copy.  As usual, I’m posting interesting not lucrative or pro-scale markets.

Primogeniture Anthology: This is an interesting one.  The anthology is looking to get people to play in a world that the editors have (loosely) set up.  From the website: “Earth has finally developed a ship that has the ability to leave with five thousand people to a new planet. When they arrive at the new planet they are expected to have about ten thousand people. The ship has left the Sol system at least a year ago. At this point there is no turning back, anyone who has decided that this was a mistake, its now to late.”
What they don’t seem to want: Aliens.  The focus is humans coping with the situation, not reacting to alien encounters.
Deadline: April 18, 2011
Length: 5500-7000 words (oddly narrow range)
Payment: A portion of the royalties will be split among contributors based on their contribution.

DL Thurston Additional Note for the Day:   He’s been disappointingly quiet on his own blog this week.  Bad blogger!

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