When I went to ReaderCon I was lucky enough to sit in on a panel talking about anthologies. And even these many weeks later, a few things stick in my head about it.

Treachery Antho Cover
1) Submit early.

Let’s face it, early in the submission window the editors and readers are generally happy people that have not been exposed to the hell that is 100 bad stories…or 500…or 800..late in that window they are jaded and a little sour. They get in and get out fast, a few paragraphs and they are done.

2) Read the requirements.

Come on, the editors are telling you what to give them and what not to give them…don’t try to outsmart them.  Please?  Pretty please?  I mean, trust me, the editors know what they have already chosen, what they are looking for, and they are trying to give you a fighting chance.  Take it and run with it.

3) Don’t waste it.

So what, the anthology didn’t take it…don’t burn that story.  Edit it and give it to someone else.  It deserves a home, give it a fighting chance.

So, why has this been on my mind lately?  I’m reading for a new anthology coming out “Trust & Treachery: Tales of Power, Intrigue and Violence”  (http://www.treachery.mlcrawford.com) and everything above is the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH!  I’ve been reading quite a bit and while I have been lucky enough to read some WONDERFUL stories…I’ve gotten my share of UGH too.  And I’m sure it is only going to get worse.

So please, for the love of poor volunteering stiffs like me take the above advice. 🙂


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NRBrown N.R. Brown is a part-time author, full-time book junkie. She particularly loves horror and dark fantasy. She is the co-host of Unleaded - Fuel for Writers and a member of the Hellebore Writing Group and the Cat Vacuuming Society of Northern Virginia writers group, as well as of the Chessie Chapter of Sisters in Crime.