It’s my favorite piece of advice from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, as delivered by Alec Baldwin.  ABC.  A, Always.  B, Be.  C, Crafting.  Always be crafting.  At least I think that’s how it goes.

See that man to the right?  That man is LL Langstroth, American bad-ass.  Lorenzo L Langstroth, which I assume is Lorenzo Lamas Langstroth.  Who was he?  Nothing less that the father of modern American beekeeping, in more ways than once since he was a man of the cloth.  He realized one important thing: that bees need a certain amount of room in a hive.  Complicated?  No.  Brilliant?  Absolutely.  He developed a new type of hive with a movable frame.

I learned about him last night.  My wife and I are taking an apiary class.  After the initial disappointment that we’re not actually learning how to keep apes, I settled in and learned something about the history of beekeeping, and that’s where I learned of Lorenzo Lamas Langstroth.  Born 1810.  Died 1895.  He died in the pulpit mid sermon.  Because that’s the kind of badass he was.

Why do I like him?  Why am I talking about him?  Look at those years.  Born 1810.  Died 1895.  Perfect years for Steampunk.  Self made inventor who came up with something no one had thought of before?  That’s Steampunk all over, the tinker, the builder.  By the end of the class I had a Steampunk apiary forming in my head.  I still need a plot, but that’s not the point.

The point is: ABC.  Always be crafting.  Stories are out there, and you never know when one will broadside you.  Be open for them.  And then write them.

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