Those who know me know I have a condition that I call “convention introversion.”  It’s something I’m trying to get over, but that’s a slow process, especially because I only have the time, money, and resources to go to one or two conventions a year.  Occasionally I like to find little reminders that everyone is human.  They help.

Today’s reminder is Twitter.  If there’s anything that unifies the experiences of humanity more than Twitter, I’ve yet to find it.  I follow authors I want to be like, authors who I’ve seen at conventions, authors that I’ve been terrified to approach in person.

And I see them doing the same things I do on Twitter.  I see them reaching out to people they want to be like, people they admire.  I see them excited when they’re acknowledged by someone they hold in regard or high esteem.  I see them with the same wide eyed wonder of what someone else has achieved as I experience looking up at them.

Will it help the next time I see one of them at a convention?  I don’t know.  I hope, though.  I’ve just got to remember we’re all people, and we’re all looking up to someone.

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DLThurston DL Thurston is a writer of novels, screenplays, and the occasional short story. He has short stories due out soon in the Steam Works anthology from Hydra Publications and in The Memory Eater. When he's not writing, he also brews beer and even drinks it sometimes. Check out his exploits either on his blog or on Twitter.