I’ve been on a Ze Frank kick recently, and I think that’s one of the better kicks to get onto as he’s perhaps one of the most creatively motivational voices I’ve come across.  Both in that he motivates creativity and motivates creatively.  And Ze Frank is where I got FILDI from.  What is FILDI?  Well, I’ve been trying to find the video where he first brought it up, but I can’t, so I’m going to try and explain it in my own words.

FILDI stands for F*@% It, Let’s Do It.  It’s that moment in the creative process where you realize that the only way something is going to get done is to buckle down and actually do it, the realization that you are the creator for your own little world and that nothing is going to come of it except by your own hands and the sweat of your own brow.  It means that it’s time to stop playing around, looking at the project from every different angle, and doing everything except working on it…and actually work on it.

I’ve been doing what I can to channel my FILDI when it comes to writing this week, and I’ve learned that my FILDI is strong.  It’s what powers me through 2000 words on a night that I really didn’t want to write to begin with.  It’s what has my novella mostly outlined even though I hate outlining.  My FILDI is me sitting down at a computer, opening Scrivener, and saying that I am going to write and that none of the little excuses running around my head about why writing doesn’t feel like a good idea at the particular moment are valid.  Because it’s time to write.


The FILDI doesn’t always work.  But when it does, it’s creative magic.  So find yours, chase it down, catch it, then be nice to it to make sure it doesn’t run away, without being so nice that it starts to get complacent and fat.  Like my cats.  They have no FILDI, except when it comes to naps.

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DLThurston DL Thurston is a writer of novels, screenplays, and the occasional short story. He has short stories due out soon in the Steam Works anthology from Hydra Publications and in The Memory Eater. When he's not writing, he also brews beer and even drinks it sometimes. Check out his exploits either on his blog or on Twitter.