Going back through my list of authors included in Video Saturday, I was a bit shocked to discover that Stephen King was not on the list. Why is that surprising?  Because probably the book that has been the most helpful in providing me with the “oomph” to write is his, “On Writing.”  Note, I’m not saying that technically it was the most useful or that it held forth huge nuggets of wisdom but if there was ever any book that imbued in me the feeling of “rightness” about my work, then that was it.  There is also the personal connection that I was living alone in Washington, DC at the time and my girlfriend was till in Missouri.  This was the first book that we ever read together.  We’d read and then every night we’d talk about what we read.  As a result, I still have a very positive emotional reaction to it.

So, not to delay any longer, below is a very short video (and an old one) of Stephen King giving advice to writers.  His key point – you must be well-read.  Read a lot and write a lot.   And then because I couldn’t help myself and because I was looking for something a little more recent, I found a video of Stepehen King’s Afternoon in Savannah before the Savannah Book Fair.  The video/audio isn’t great but still understandable.  Note, the second one is 26 minutes long.



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