I’m running a few days late for my regular book review post. The holidays are apparently affecting my brain and time management skills. That and the new Dresden Files book came out. This month’s review is special because the author is not only someone I’ve met, but lives in the Maryland and has focused her novels on the towns around Washington, DC.

Debra Dunbar‘s debut novel is “A Demon Bound” and was released in July of 2012. The heroine is one Samantha Martin and she’s a demon. More accurately, she’s an imp and has been living among humans unbeknownst to the angels for forty years. She thoroughly enjoys life on earth as a human and revels in the sensations the human body provides. When she crosses a werewolf clan, she gets involved in a world that threatens to expose her to the angels, possibly getting her killed in the process.

Dunbar has created an amazingly fun protagonist in Samantha Martin. Dunbar has captured the mischievous spirit of an imp with this character as Samantha fumbles through human emotions she thought has been mastered many years before as well as new ones in the underlying danger through the book of staying under the angels’ radar.

This book shows Dunbar’s exceptional talent in accelerating a story through dialogue. I found myself wanting to skip some of her descriptions in order to keep the conversation from ending. Each character in the book is well developed and each skilfully contributes to the story as a whole. The quirks of each character are especially amusing.

For a debut novel, Dunbar has shown extraordinary talent and seems to have quickly found her author’s voice. The dedication to details is superb and had me guessing at what real life locales match the places in her book. A few I recognized immediately and others had me pulling out a map to trace Samantha’s travels in the area. Dunbar maintains a blog and has been kind enough to pull together photos of the places that inspired the scenes in her book.

The Imp Series, of which “A Demon Bound” is the first volume, continues in “Satan’s Sword” and “Elf’s Blood” due out March 2013. I look forward to seeing more of Dunbar’s work. If you enjoy the supernatural and you enjoy a fast paced fantasy story, pick up “A Demon Bound.”  Hop on over to my personal blog, “Thoughts From My Head” to check out an interview with the author. Ms. Dunbar and “A Demon Bound” get four flags!

About the author

Dana Gunn Dana Gunn is currently a code monkey for a large company. His interests include genealogy, fencing, reading, and writing. A red Honda CRX has been a part of his life for so long, it is either considered a family member or an obsession based on who one talks to. He aspires to be a writer of fiction, however, based on the number of hours put in, he can be considered an expert reader of fiction.