Okay, I’ll admit it.  I have not read anything of Salman Rushdie’s.  HOWEVER, I have to admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this interview.  I think what he has to say is something that writers who are toiling away, working toward that “big break.”  🙂

Our stories aren’t really fiction, not when they contain Truth;  the Truth we recognize as human beings.  What is the meaning of our lives?  What moves us and what stories tell us about our own lives.  That is the kind of truth that we as readers look for.

“You must ask yourself realistic questions.  What would it be like?  When flying a magic carpet…what would it feel like, rigid or soft and flowing?  What would the view be like.”

Readers want to have people they can believe in, behaving in ways they recognize and can see how it connects with their own life.  Human truth.

I get it.  And in some ways it is a daunting charge.  We can all write stories of high adventure, and spine-tingling horror, and deep, dark mystery, but when we can do that and really bring out the human interaction; the motivation and intimate personal change…then…then we don’t have fiction any more.  It is something greater.

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