If you follow this blog regularly you’ve probably noticed that Wednesday Writerly Words has been absent lately. This wasn’t a planned hiatus on my part, but a combination of my life getting a little busier than usual, and not coming up with good topics, has led to this space being dark. Fortunately, others have been filling this blog with fantastic content.

As long as I’ve started a hiatus, I’m not going to just randomly end it. Instead, I’m going to take two more weeks and come back in April, recharged and with a few topics brainstormed. Okay, that last part is a lie. I’m going to come back in April frantically deciding what to blog about, as usual.

If you, for some strange reason, miss me, I’ve been a little better about keeping my blog updated, and will continue to do so. Join me there, and see me back here on April 3rd, when I better as hell post now that I’ve promise I’ll do so. As part of the Great Hugo Read we’re currently reading Double Star, the first Hugo winner available on Kindle and through Audible. Next month we start this year’s nominees, to be announced on March 30th and then frantically arranged into a five month schedule the next day.

See you in April!

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DLThurston DL Thurston is a writer of novels, screenplays, and the occasional short story. He has short stories due out soon in the Steam Works anthology from Hydra Publications and in The Memory Eater. When he's not writing, he also brews beer and even drinks it sometimes. Check out his exploits either on his blog or on Twitter.