Alright, it’s WWW: Thursday Edition. I have a bad grasp on days of the week right now. I came across this on Tuesday, so there’s really no excuse.

As creators, it can be difficult to explain to others why we’re doing what we’re doing. I was once asked by the most senior member of management I interacted with at my old company what my five year plan was.

I said it was to have my first novel published.

I was then told, in no uncertain terms, that that was the Wrong Answer. That the Right Answer had to do with being more advanced in my current day job career track. I never entirely forgave him for deciding that my idea of where I wanted to be in five years was wrong and that his idea was right. That my long term plans weren’t allowed to be about what I wanted to actually do with my life.

I’m not sure he ever fully understood that. Since his title started with the letter C and ended with O, it was hard for me to really tell him. If I was still there, I think the answer would be just putting this on my door.

The illustration comes from Gavin Aung Than. The words come from Bill “Calvin and Hobbes” Watterson during one of his rare public appearances, a commencement speech delivered to the Kenyon College class of 1990. The sentiment is living a life around your own definitions of success, rather than anyone else’s.

I could quote the words, but they need the illustration, too. So go. Read. Print it out and put it over your desk. Live. Write. And work to succeed on your terms. “…and I think you’ll be happier for the trouble.”

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