When it comes to #writing and #diversity there are a lot of questions around the idea of appropriation versus appreciation and although the words get thrown around, the meanings are never fully defined or clear, and it seems that many folks are left wondering where they stand. Interrupt Magazine has a great little article that has a simple series of questions that, while it may not definitively answer the question certainly gives one a better idea of the constantly shifting sands.


Granted their example is about fashion but with a few typing tweaks below are their series of questions I altered for writers. Take a look at the questions. Take a look at the article. What do you think?

  1. What culture does this story reference, and what is my relation to that culture?

  2. Why am I writing it?

  3. Check my resources and research – Who wrote it? What is their perspective? Is it true/accurate?

  4. How accurate/respectful is it?

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