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Which Shakespeare Play Should I See (An Awesome Chart from Mya Gosling)

From: http://goodticklebrain.com/home/2016/4/18/which-shakespeare-play-should-i-see-an-illustrated-flowchart. Mya Gosling has some amazing Shakespearian comics you MUST read.

I think the one below is pretty self-explanatory. 😉

Which Shakespeare to See

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Video Saturday – Writing Quotes

Someone made a video of writing quotes! How cool is that? It isn’t as accessible as I’d like (i.e. I can’t really use it) but I still thought it might be useful to folks. Not much else to say. 🙂

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Horror Genres and Subgenres – Some fun relationships that #writers should know

Special thanks to Horror On Screen for posting this. It’s a fun way to explore the relationships between horror genres and subgenres, AND gives you a new list of fantastic movies to watch.

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Appropriation versus Appreciation

When it comes to #writing and #diversity there are a lot of questions around the idea of appropriation versus appreciation and although the words get thrown around, the meanings are never fully defined or clear, and it seems that many folks are left wondering where they stand. Interrupt Magazine has a great little article that has a simple series of questions that, while it may not definitively answer the question certainly gives one a better idea of the constantly shifting sands.


Granted their example is about fashion but with a few typing tweaks below are their series of questions I altered for writers. Take a look at the questions. Take a look at the article. What do you think?

  1. What culture does this story reference, and what is my relation to that culture?

  2. Why am I writing it?

  3. Check my resources and research – Who wrote it? What is their perspective? Is it true/accurate?

  4. How accurate/respectful is it?

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Quick Update: A Place for Images

I know many of us use images in our blog posts, in research, in idea boards, basically any number of places. The New York Public Library just uploaded nearly 200,000 images we can use for free. There are now available over 672,316 manuscripts, maps, photographs, lithographs, postcards, and other images online in high resolution and available for download.


A few images just for examples:

Old Map of Asia Black and White
Cover of the Negro Motorist Green-BookCouple in Warming Frame Japanese Art A ride at a fair with a tent saying "Life's Unborn"

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Take care of yourself, because the self-talk will kill you – Junot Diaz talk at Brown #writing #academia

““Most people who get into select institutions have no conception of compassion, because compassion starts with compassion towards self. To craft yourself into a person to get the needed grades, you become cruel with yourself. How do you drive yourself when you are exhausted? The whip. You drive yourself beyond compassion. How much of your internal regime is based on cruelty? Self-talk like ‘I’m stupid. I’m a fraud. I’m fat. I’m lazy.’ As young people of color, we drive ourselves to superhuman limits to get to these schools. But when you are here, you cannot survive like that. You have to put the whip down. The self-talk will kill you. You must draw what your whip looks like, whether ‘I’m stupid. I’m fat. I’m lazy.’ Then you must begin, every time that whip cracks, to tell yourself no. They tell you it’s the only way, but you cannot live long like that.”” – Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz is talking about social activism in academia and I know he has spoken previously about his experiences in writing programs. The breadth of the talk is much broader than what we usually post about here on Unleaded, but his point about self-talk is one of those critical “a-ha” moments that I think is pertinent for many writers, particularly writers with minority statuses (whether that be race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation).

Take a look at the article/story that gives you the highlights of his talk and remember to be kind to yourself.


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