The Cat Vacuuming Society is a local, face-to-face writers’ group that has been meeting continuously since January 2001.  CVS’s goal is to help each other Write More and Write Better. We are located in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area.

Meetings can include critique of submissions, workshops, discussions, as well as guest speakers and other special events.  Submissions are usually provided a week prior to critique, so that full review can be done.  Critiques are done to maximize helping each other improve our writing, providing truthful and helpful review of everything from story structure to line editing, as needed.

We are open to all genres of fiction writing.  Our members mostly work in science fiction, fantasy, and horror–though we’ve also welcomed literary, mystery, and romance writers.

Membership Requirements

  1. You need to be committed to your writing.  You don’t need to want to get published, but your aim does need to be to write publishable fiction.
  2. You must be willing to help others achieve their goals.  This includes doing all critiques as thoroughly and helpfully.
  3. You must attend the group on a regular basis.  While a weekly schedule can be hard to maintain, we expect to see you at least once a month.  The more you participate, the better you become.
  4. On that writing thing:  you need to be writing regularly.  We all hit slumps, but overall you should have writing as one of the higher priorities in your life.
  5. Also on writing, you must be working on fiction.  This can include any genre, short story, novel, or screenplay (television, movie, or even stage plays–all of which will be critiqued for story elements, not necessarily format).

When and Where

We meet every Thursday night from 7 pm – 9 pm, barring holidays and zombie apocalypses.  (And even then, we might meet to discuss the best way to use it in a story).

Our current meeting location is at the Ballston Mall Noodles & Company (1st floor, just above the food court).  This is subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control, so please check with the group before wandering over.  Just in case.  (All of our locations will be Metro accessible).

Please email Jennifer Brinn at cvswriters AT  gmail DOT com  (Spammers need not apply.)