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Appropriation versus Appreciation

When it comes to #writing and #diversity there are a lot of questions around the idea of appropriation versus appreciation and although the words get thrown around, the meanings are never fully defined or clear, and it seems that many folks are left wondering where they stand. Interrupt Magazine has a great little article that has a simple series of questions that, while it may not definitively answer the question certainly gives one a better idea of the constantly shifting sands.


Granted their example is about fashion but with a few typing tweaks below are their series of questions I altered for writers. Take a look at the questions. Take a look at the article. What do you think?

  1. What culture does this story reference, and what is my relation to that culture?

  2. Why am I writing it?

  3. Check my resources and research – Who wrote it? What is their perspective? Is it true/accurate?

  4. How accurate/respectful is it?

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Video Saturday – #Diversity in #Writing and the Fear of Doing it Wrong, courtesy of the @YARebels

And the latest Video Saturday is something near and dear to my heart – Diversity. One of the biggest reasons authors say they don’t include diverse characters in so far as race, ethnicity, disability, lgbt status etc. is because they are afraid of getting it wrong. Although not perfect, this week’s video is a quick little pep talk urging folks to step up and go ahead and embrace diversity. It isn’t hard, and as people to whom creativity is the bread and butter of our work, this should be an integral part of our writing. After all, it is an integral part of the world, isn’t it?

Check out more from the YA Rebels at: http://t.co/cCka6LZdEV

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Video Saturday, okay Sunday – Science Fiction at The National Black Writer’s Conference (2010)

This week’s video is relatively mellow. Simple and short. On March 28, 2010, at Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, NY, the 10th National Black Writer’s Conference held a panel discussion on “Speculative Fiction: Fantasy, Horror & the Supernatural in the Fiction of Black Writers”. The panelist included: L.A. Banks, Michael Boatman, Jewell Parker Rhodes, and Cheo Tyehimba. Stafford Battle (Black Author Showcase) posed the question: “Who are your favorite sci- fi characters?” Lots of love for Usula LeGuin, Stephen Donaldson, Tanarive Due, and of couse, Octavia Butler.

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Video Saturday – Writing Diverse Characters – Malorie Blackman

Today’s video is really short and harkens back to Linda Adam’s Challenge from last week – writing a character with a disability. (which was also commented on by CVS Writing Group moderator Jen Brinn).   It is from Malorie Blackman and talks about why she thinks diverse characters are so important in books. 

Blackman is a children’s author and television writer from the UK who (like many science fiction writers before her), uses the genre to explore social and ethical issues. 

From Wikipedia:  In an interview Blackman said that before writing Noughts & Crosses her protagonists’ ethnicities were never central to the plots of her books.She has also said, “I wanted to show black children just getting on with their lives, having adventures, and solving their dilemmas, like the characters in all the books I read as a child.”Blackman eventually decided to address racism directly. She reused some details from her own experience, including an occasion when she needed a plaster and found they were designed to be inconspicuous only on white people’s skin.

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@TreacheryAntho Seeking Submissions from a Diverse Perspective, 1 Month Remains

Trust & Treachery AnthologyCross-Posted from the Trust & Treachery anthology website at: http://treachery.mlcrawford.com/2011/11/14/1-month-remains-still-seeking-submissions-need-stories-from-a-diverse-perspective/

 So far, Trust & Treachery has received almost 350 submissions and we’re not through yet.  Please keep sending in submissions!  We’re looking for stories that are really out-of-the-box; stories that look at the theme from new and unique angles, that give us characters we can’t help but want to know more about, and that provide endings that leave us breathless.

One of the items that we made specific mention of in our original call for submissions was that we’re looking for works representing the entire range of experience—including all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations, abilities and views on life.  The world of fiction and its characters, especially genre fiction and speculative fiction, can be diverse places with a richness and depth in both culture and community.  As editors, we made both a personal and professional commitment to have that same richness represented in this anthology.  But we need you to help us do it.

There is 1 month left before the December 15 deadline and the Trust & Treachery anthology is still seeking submissions.  Don’t be left out of what promises to be a great collection of unique stories.

They are looking for stories that are 1000-5000 words in length and will pay $20 per story.  The anthology is open to any genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, etc. as long as the story fits the overall theme.  You can find out more and submit your story at their site:  http://treachery.mlcrawford.com .

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