Boy or Girl?I couldn’t resist something a little fun for a Saturday afternoon.  A quiz: Can you tell if something is written by a woman – within a paragraph or two?

So let me give you the back-story first: VS Naipaul is a winner of the Nobel prize for literature who during an interview this last week basically said that there is no woman writer who he considered his equal, including Jane Austen and…you know it is easier just to give you his exact words:


“I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not. I think [it is] unequal to me,” and that this was because of women’s “sentimentality, the narrow view of the world.  And inevitably for a woman, she is not a complete master of a house, so that comes over in her writing too.” AND, “My publisher, who was so good as a taster and editor, when she became a writer, lo and behold, it was all this feminine tosh.”

Really?  Really?

Anyway, back to the Quiz.  The Guardian has put up a fabulous fun little quiz:

The Naipaul test: Can you tell an author’s sex?

with some great paragraphs from famous literature.  So…can YOU tell?  I got a 4 out of 10.  Post a comment and let us know your score!

And because I can’t resist an opportunity to show my comic book love, a variant of the boy v. girl, man v. woman…Captain America v. Wonder Woman!

Captain America vs. Wonder Woman by JD Hancock