Imposter-Syndrome-MouseWe’ve all been there. That feeling that suddenly someone is going to come up and say, “I don’t know who let you in, or who said you could call yourself a creative, but you don’t belong. Get out.”  And they say it loudly, so everyone in the crowded room that is made up of everyone you ever knew can clearly hear. And THEN you realize not only are you a crappy writer, but also that you’re naked.  Or wait, is that a different dream?

So how do you fight Impostor Syndrome?  Well, fortunately for us, Awesomely Luvvie has an answer. Complete with gifs!

I’ve included some of her bullet points for you tl;dr folks but seriously, the full post is totally awesome and worth every word. 🙂  Also, don’t forget to check out some of her other stuff!

Imposter Syndrome is liar, and too many of us have accepted it as truth. How do we fight it? How do we kick it out of our heads, or at least turn the volume down?

I remind myself that:

  1. I’m not the best. I don’t have to be. I am enough.
  2. I’ve worked my ass off. At the minimum, that hard work has earned me a ticket in.
  3. Knowing that there are subpar and mediocre ass people out there who still think they belong in the room that your EXCEPTIONAL ass thinks you don’t deserve to be in.
  4. Even if I happen to be in the room by accident, and by no doing of my own, I AM IN THAT ROOM. It is no longer an accident.