Bookstore by Imaginary GirlOne of the questions that is often asked of writers is, “Where do you get your stories?”  And one that is often met with significant eye-rolling and considerable patience.  However, this isn’t about THAT interpretation of the question.  One of the things that almost every published author I’ve met has advocated, is reading.  To write, you need to read.  If you love writing, then you likely love reading.  To improve your writing, you should read.

But what SHOULD you read?  How do you know WHAT to read?  With so many choices in today’s markets it can be difficult.  There are bookstore choices, friend choices, online Amazon ranking choices, reviewer choices, and other rating based choices as well as, darnit, just whether or not the book has a cool cover image.  I’m old enough (which is to say, not THAT old) to remember when genre fiction was maybe a few shelves or even just one case.  Now there are aisle upon aisle of genre books and more and more books are being made available online.  Including some, where the internet is their primary medium of distribution. In some ways, one could make an argument for new difficulties in the signal to noise ratio and all you can hear is “readmybook!readmybook!readmybook!”

So, how do you find books that you’ll love?  Inquiring Unleaded “minds” want to know.  🙂 How do you discover those little story gems that excite you and remind you why you wanted to write in the first place?