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Closing Down of Unleaded: Fuel for Writers

It’s been a long way since the very first post in May of 2009. Even longer since NR Brown and I first discussed setting up a writing-related website. I still remember when and where we came up with the name. We were at a gas station filling up the car.

It has been a long and wonderful journey and we’ve been proud to have some amazing authors. We are also humbled and grateful by folks who have been a part of our community of readers. Thank you.  Y’all are rockstars in my book. 🙂

But like all good things, this too, must come to an end. With the passage of time, I’ve found a significant incease in other responsibilities (work, family, creative endeavors) that take me away from a regular posting schedule. As such, rather than continue to have the site linger, we will be it closing down. There will be no new posts or reviews, however, we will be keeping/leaving the website up for archival purposes. You can still read through all the articles, videos, reviews, and information from our fantastic guests.

Keep reading, keep learning, keep writing!

Day and the Unleaded Team

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RavenCon – Promised Update (But not really)

Okay, maybe this isn’t the update but I promised, but I am writing one for this weekend.  Overall, RavenCon was an amazing experience, albeit an exhausting one.  And my first as a panelist. 

Let me clear, I’ve spoken on panels before, hundreds wouldn’t be an exaggeration, but that was with regard to my “day job.”  So it was always about politics and policies; laws and regulations.  This was about something a bit more personal (although I LOVE policy and law and take it VERY personally), but this involved my writing.  Those secret creative thoughts that I madly put down on paper in splattered ink from an overused fountain pen, hunched over a tiny wooden desk by candle-light.  Okay, okay it’s really me typing madly in the wee hours on my glass and metal desk, and drinking tea like it’s going out of style.  Regardless, it was still surprisingly difficult to put myself out there; one could say, I had a bad case of Impostor Syndrome. 

In spite of it all, I did manage to be relatively articulate (please, if you were there and thought otherwise, please, please, allow me my dignity and ignorance) as a panelist, and did a fairly good job of moderating (again, ignorance is bliss).  With 8 separate sessions that had my name attached to them, it was exhausting.  But the people made it worth it.  I LOVED the people.  They were just awesome.  AND I got to meet a follower of Unleaded.  *waves to Diane*  Wishing I’d gotten a picture now.  I don’t have any proof! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I met one of our 3 readers.  🙂  And if you’re old enough, you’ll recognize the Conan reference.

I also learned that while early morning panels are really rough (I moderated both Saturday and Sunday morning 9 am slots) it is a wonderful way to get 5 authors all to yourself.  It really felt like a converstion and I got to ask all the questions I ever wanted to, to my own collection of writers.  Very cool. And special thanks to both Bud Sparhawk and A.J. Hartley who also had BOTH of those same early morning panels yet were up and enthusiastic and really made my job easier.

There is so much more…but I shal stop and leave this as a small teaser.

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