Okay, I just read a great article about romance books – who is reading them, what kinds of romance books, and (here’s the important part dear readers) how readers find new books (and new authors) they want to read.

The key point was that, at least for this audience (though I think it may be equally true to other genres), the leading reason why people pick up a new author is because they heard about it from someone else. A recommendation, a review, word-of-mouth; it all matters. Here is the breakdown of how people discover new books.
Nielson Romance Report
Makes you really recognize the power behind those Amazon reviews and how they influence the purchases of readers. I have to admit, they usually help me decide between book. (Not to mention Amazon’s “other people who bought this book also bought…” notes at the bottom).

So, if you have a writer in your life, or a writer you love, show them how much you do by posting a quick review up at Amazon. It may ensure they can keep on writing.